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At Mike Erdman Nissan, our commitment extends beyond exceptional service and a top-notch vehicle selection. We believe in driving change within our local community in Brevard County by actively participating in charitable initiatives and supporting causes that matter. Our engagement spans various impactful programs, including partnering with churches and charities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, from Melbourne to Cocoa and beyond.

Supporting Local Law Enforcement: Shop with a Cop in Cocoa

One of our most significant involvements includes the Shop with a Cop program in Cocoa. Mike Erdman Nissan proudly contributes to this initiative, which fosters positive relationships between law enforcement officers and children in need. Through this program, we help create memorable experiences by funding shopping trips where officers take underprivileged children to purchase essentials and gifts during the holiday season.

Empowering Foster Children: Friend of Our Children Angel Card Program

Our partnerships also include supporting the Friend of Our Children Angel Card Program of Brevard, catering to children within the foster care system. Mike Erdman Nissan donates resources to ensure these children receive essential items and experience moments of joy during challenging times. We understand the importance of supporting these children and remain dedicated to making a difference in their lives.

Community Strengthening: Shema Golf Tournament

The Shema Golf Tournament is another avenue through which Mike Erdman Nissan showcases its commitment to the local community. By contributing to this event, which raises substantial funds exceeding $100k for non-profits and local churches, we actively support organizations that drive positive change and aid community development.

Fighting Against Breast Cancer: October Awareness Campaign

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Mike Erdman Nissan stands with those affected by the disease. Our employees passionately engage in fundraising efforts, contributing to last year’s remarkable achievement of raising over $5k toward breast cancer research and support programs. This ongoing commitment reflects our dedication to combating breast cancer and supporting those impacted by it.

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Annual Christmas Dinner Donation

When the holiday season approaches, Mike Erdman Nissan exemplifies the spirit of giving by donating over 800 Christmas dinners to individuals and families in need across the Rockledge area. This annual tradition is a heartfelt gesture to help guarantee that everyone in our community can experience warmth, joy, and a fulfilling meal during the holiday season.

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Our involvement in these charitable endeavors is rooted in our belief that giving back to the community is fundamental to our identity. Mike Erdman Nissan remains committed to uplifting lives, supporting causes that matter, and fostering a stronger, more compassionate community. Join us as we continue to drive change and make a difference, one initiative at a time. Contact us for more information today.

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