Walk on Water Community Partner

January 26th, 2018 by

A New Year and “A New Era”, bring an opportunity for reflection and action.

Over the past 27 years the Erdman Automotive Group has been an active participant in our community and beyond. Over the years we have had the opportunity to meet so many groups and organizations that have inspired and touched our lives. Over the course of this year we will introduce you to some of our community partners that we think you might find interesting and inspiring. Once you become acquainted with them you just may find a new passion for action.

“Walk On Water (WOW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving individuals the opportunity to experience and bond with horses in a safe and loving environment.”

Located in North Merritt Island, WOW provides riding instructions for all ages. Private and group lessons are available for all backgrounds and needs; including veterans, handicapped or at-risk individuals. With an on-staff equine psychotherapist, the results of this unique combination are both positive and life changing. The dedication and commitment of Executive Director Patti Bryan, the staff and the volunteers of Walk On Water give a new meaning to “therapy” and “counseling”.

Walk On Water is a working ranch and with that there is a lot of work to be done. Volunteers and riders are encouraged to help with chores and learn general terms related to working in a ranch setting. Working as a team is an integral part of the process and benefits the participants as well as the overall flow of the ranch.

To learn more or become a volunteer, go to www.walkonwaterhorses.com

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