Nissan Safety Sustainability

Nissan Safety Sustainability

Nissan’s Safety Sustainability model is all about keeping you and your loved ones protected in your Nissan from Mike Erdman Nissan in Cocoa, FL – near Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, and Merritt Island. You know that awesome feeling of cruising in your new Nissan? What’s even better is realizing that Nissan has your back with innovative tech features.

You’ve got the peace of mind from Nissan Safety Shield® 360 for every drive helping you prevent collisions ahead of you, beside you, and behind you. There are also vehicle features that help keep you safe in case an accident can’t be prevented. Airbags, durable frames, and more work to prevent injuries and help you walk away from collisions. All of these features have helped Nissan score top marks in safety ratings from both public and government tests.

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Nissan Safety Sustainability

Striving for a Safer Planet

Keeping people safe. This is what Nissan will continue to work toward as we design and engineer cars that embody the pleasure and richness of driving with safety in mind.

Nissan Safety Sustainability

Aiming to Reduce Collisions

More than 90% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Nissan is working towards reducing the number of avoidable accidents globally, by developing technologies that help avoid risky situations and vehicles that help protect people.

Nissan Safety Sustainability

Safety Shield® 360*

Nissan is focused on delivering strong active and passive safety for our customers. Our Safety Shield concept helps support the safety of vehicle occupants in a variety of scenarios from a comprehensive perspective, from collision avoidance to occupant protection. Nissan is committed to providing these and other safety technologies making them more accessible to all.

Nissan Safety Sustainability

Safety Through Education

Nissan aims to maximize safety of all of our passengers and the community through education on safety technologies and practices. While pushing forward with technological advancements on the vehicle side, we are also conducting educational initiatives to help raise safety awareness for the public.

Nissan Safety Sustainability

Learning to be Safe

Snug Kids is an industry-first program introduced by Nissan, geared toward safety for children in child restraint systems (CRS), commonly referred to as “child safety seats”. Explore Nissan’s Snug Kids® Safety Fit Guide.

High Ratings.

More Peace of Mind.

We take safety seriously. As a result, many of our vehicles continue to earn high safety ratings on public and
governmental tests. Nissan strives to earn our customers' trust by providing top quality, reliable products. Check out
our Awards & Accolades.

*Nissan Safety Shield technologies can't prevent all collisions or warn in all situations. See Owner's Manual for important safety information.

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