A Team Member Perspective

January 26th, 2018 by

It was a great morning for the Erdman Automotive Group! New to the company, but not new to the car business, I was delighted by the idea of having a company-wide meeting and awards ceremony. I think we can all appreciate the “Dawg speech”. If you know the Erdmans, you know they are huge Georgia fans. We all knew there was an “elephant” in the room! That loss would not be taken lightly; but like all great coaches, Mr. Erdman turned the negative into a positive. Something in that speech had us all wanting to push a little harder, do a little better and get the job done. Just remember, you shape your future and you choose your path!

I was interested to learn about the new location on I-95. We have all heard the buzz about the progress, but never really realized what huge opportunities are coming our way. By saying “our way”, I mean for the employees. Mr. Erdman invited all of his employees to begin this year as “a new you” and with a “fresh start to success”. I know the topic certainly had my mind wondering about the successes I could look forward to in the future. These successes would not just be for me; but for our team, co-workers and most importantly our customers. These are certainly exciting times for the Erdman team.

We all know that hard work pays off and that is true for the Erdman Team. There was time during the meeting to recognize the outstanding performance of some of our team members. It is inspiring to see the winners accept their awards. It makes the rest of the team strive to work harder.

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